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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

You've probably noticed that the main menu has been pared down "a bit" from its,  previous humongous state of disarray. It's been an ongoing process, something that my detractors don't seem to understand *shrug*.

We are rebranding our original Blue Didymium to True Didymiumâ„¢. The reason for doing this is to separate the wanna-be plastic and polycarbonate lenses from the true glass didymium filter. 

All of the lenses that we sell are glass, the ONLY material that can contain 'didymium,' which is why we call our filters 'True Didymium.' 'Didymium' is actually a combination of two rare earths called neodymium and praseodymium. These two rare earths cannot be made into a dye or smelted into a metallic form to be used as a coating. They can only be incorporated into molten glass. So be cautious of any product that claims that it is "the same as" didymium. It does *NOT* contain didymium in any form if it is a plastic or polycarbonate lens. 

The only true didymium form is glass, and Aura is proud to offer our products as "True Didymium."

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