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AGW-250 Filter

A base lens of True Didymium™ glass filter plus your choice of a full coverage welding filter in shades 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8.
From $259.95 excl tax

AGW-286 Filter

The AGW-286 is Aura's original split lens filter, featuring two different shaded filters on the same lens split the way you want. A True Didymium™ filter.
From $284.95 excl tax

SLR/DLR Camera Filters

Camera filters for various camera mount in standard sizes and unmounted flat True Didymium™ glass filters. If you need a size not listed, don't hesitate to contact the factory for pricing and availability. Also available on this page are unedged flat polished Blue Didymium filters in 80 mm diameters. Need an unmounted lens for a special application? We have unmounted (no ring) True Didymium™ glass filters in 50, and 80 available. Just use some double-sided tape or a couple of drops of soft removable adhesive to hold it in place. **We use various suppliers for the base UV ring; any name brand shown on the selected ring is not a guarantee that brand will be on the ring you receive. We cut all filters to fit under the lock ring of the filter mount. NOTE: Limited Quantities Available!
$50.95 excl tax $43.95 excl tax

Rainier Fitover for Glassworkers

Fit over frame for glassworkers - large -- fits frames that measure 5-1/4" wide x 1-1/2" high (133mm x 38mm)
$211.95 excl tax $181.95 excl tax

True Didymium™ Filter

The True Didymium™ filter is our new standard filter for soft glass torch work and torch metal crafting.
From $148.95 excl tax

True Didymium™ - Non-Prescription

True Didymium™ Non-prescription lenses. These lenses are available with a 6-base curve that fits most streetwear and sunglass frames.
$174.95 excl tax $148.95 excl tax