Photography products expansion

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

It used to be so simple, a clip-on camera filter for your smartphone or pad/tablet. Then folks started using their digital cameras, and we developed our line of True Didymium filter rings in the most popular SLR filter ring sizes. And, eventually, along came the GoPro, which totally changed everything.

In the past couple of months, we've replaced our original clip-on filter for smartphones or pads/tablets with one that takes a larger filter lens (a frequently requested item) with one that takes a standard 37mm filter ring. If you still have one of the older multi-lens clip-on filters, send them in for a FREE upgrade to our new clip-on. Yes, FREE. 

Additionally, we changed the way we manufacture our True Didymium™ filter rings. Previous to August 2021, we laminated a True Didymium™ lens to the existing UV filter in the ring. We heard from several photography professionals that they believed that they lost some crispness of the picture, so we have started removing the UV filter and replacing it with a one-piece True Didymium™ lens cut to fit the ring. Early indications are positive, and we will continue to follow this topic. Also, like the clip-on filters, if you have a pre-August 2021 camera ring from Aura, send it in to us for a FREE replacement to the new manufacturing version of the same ring.

To round out our photography line, we have added a complete line of GoPro skeleton and slip-over filter mounts. We now have filter mounts for the GoPro 3+/4, 5/6/7, 8, and 9/10 models. They all take a 52mm SLR True Didymium™ filter ring, which is included with your purchase of the skeleton or slip-over filter mount.

Lastly, we've just added neutral density filters for lampworkers who stream their torch work and have been having problems with certain bright flaring colors completely washing out the video. These filters are adjustable from ND2 to ND400 in 9 steps and should solve your problems with wash-out. Priced under $60, we make it easy for you to up your streaming game. We've also added the ND filters as an option to our clip-on and GoPro filter mounts.

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