Leader by Hilco Vision

Leader frames by Hilco feature modern styling and design.

The sports goggles (both the Pro-X and C2 models) feature their unique patented lens interlocking lens bevel to prevent lens popping.

New from Leader is their wrap Rx-able sunglass frames, which we are proud to offer as part of our Leader Line.

Leader is also very much into streetwear frames, and we are proud to offer the following sub-lines:

A quick note about frames for children: 

We have concerns about exposing children to the visual hazards of working with borosilicate glass, so we suggest that if you are purchasing spectacles for your child, that you carefully consider using ONLY the following filters:

  • True Didymiumâ„¢
  • AGW-300
  • AGW-250/3

Although children want to work glass just like their parents do, we strongly recommend that you keep their exposure to the intense visual light to a very minimum. You can find more information about the hazards of intense visual light here. We provide the AGW-203 filter ONLY for use as a spectator filter. Children under the age of 16 should not be working or directly viewing borosilicate glass working.

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C2 Replacement Nose Pads

C2 Replacement Nose Pads will only fit the C2 Goggle. Sold in packages of three (3).
From $22.46 excl tax

Leader C2 Sports Goggle

C2 Sports Goggle. This frame has non-prescription packages available (see Product Details below). Available Colors: Black, Red Size: 57-17 (Medium) Measurements: A Box: 57 B Box: 38 ED: 58 DBL: 17 Size: 60-18 (Large) Measurements: A Box: 60 B Box: 38 ED: 61 DBL: 18
$99.95 excl tax

Leader Force Metal Frame

Force Metal Frame. Available Colors: Black, Bronze, and Gunmetal. Size: 56-18 Measurements: A Box: 56 B Box 34 ED 58 DBL 18 (Medium) Size: 59-19 Measurements: A Box: 59 B Box 36 ED 62 DBL 18 (Large)
$89.95 excl tax $39.95 excl tax

Leader Hawk Metal Frame

Hawk Metal Frame. Available Colors: Black Size: 62-18 Measurements: A Box: 62 B Box 40 ED 68 DBL 17
$89.95 excl tax $39.95 excl tax

Leader ProX Sports Goggle Replacement Nose Pad

Leader ProX Sports Goggle Replacement Nose Pad. These nose pads will only fit the Leader ProX frame. Sold in packs of three (3).
From $31.46 excl tax

Leader Sports Goggle Replacement Zipper Case

Leader Sports Goggle Replacement Zipper Case
From $11.66 excl tax

Pro Line Cruiser Replacement Dust Dam

Replacement foam gasket for the Pro-Line Cruiser Frame.
From $9.86 excl tax

C2 Headstrap Adapter

C2 Headstrap Adapter, only for the C2 Goggle.
From $17.96 excl tax