Trade-In Program

Do you want to update your glassblowing filters? Do you like the frames you have? Here's your chance to get new lenses and save $50.00 on each pair you send in. Save $50.00 on one pair. Save $100.00 on two pairs.

Send us almost any pair of glassworking spectacles and we will replace the lenses with brand new lenses. Broken lens? No problem. Beat up and scratched lenses? No problem. As long as the frame is in good condition, we will put new and updated lenses in it.

There are only a few limitations:

  • The maximum frame opening for the lens cannot exceed 68 mm.
  • The frame must have at least one lens in it, or at the very least, the remnants of one lens.
  • We keep the old lens(es); you will not get them back.
  • The frame must be capable of handling a glass lens, no drill or string mounts, please!
  • The frame must be in good condition. It cannot have a broken eye wire or missing temples.

Why is Aura doing this? Simple: We Care About Your Eyes.

Prescription lenses? No problem, same deal.

Ship your old spectacles along with a copy of your order to:

Aura Visual Concepts, Inc.
Attn: Trade-In Program
2060 High Drive
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379-2638

We will do the rest.