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Your Frame

A frame that you supply to us.
SKU: Your Frame

When supplying your own frame to us for custom lens insertion, please let us know as much information that you can about the frame so we can choose the correct lens blank to use. Please be as specific as you can. Links to frame pictures, or to the manufacturer's listing of the frame helps us a lot!!

$0.00 excl tax

This selection allows you to send us your frame to have the filter lenses you've selected inserted.

We accept most frames, however, it is always best to check with us prior to sending a frame.

We are taking a stricter approach on the types of frames we will accept moving forward. Thin-rim and black rubber coated frames are no longer acceptable as we cannot guarantee that the lenses will fit properly in the frame due to the lens retention rim found on the back side of the lens bevel in the frame.

We ask that frames sent in to us for filter insertion be capable of handing a prescription thickness lens – this means that frames must be prescription-style instead of sunglass-style.

We CANNOT accept the following:

  • Any frame that is cracked or so old that it may fall apart at any moment.
  • Sunglass frames of any style. Frames must be prescription-style.
  • Any frame that requires the lenses to be drilled in any fashion.
  • Any frame that requires a string to hold the lens into the frame.

After you submit your order, please carefully wrap and box your frame up and send it to us at the address on the 'Contact Us' link (below).

Aura Visual Concepts, Inc.
51 8th Street North
Sauk Rapids MN 56379

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