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Blue Didymium - Multifocal Rx

Blue Didymium Multifocal Prescription Lenses. Three items are required, the type of bifocal you wish, Your prescription as it is written out as it is on the form you received from your optical professional like this: Right Eye Sphere x.xx Cylinder x.xx Axis xxx followed by Left Eye Sphere x.xx Cylinder x.xx Axis xxx. If your prescription requires prismatic correction, please note the amount for each eye after the entry for Axis and the direction: in, out, up, down. If your prescription is spherical only, you may see the letter DS or a line through Cylinder. Just enter the data as shown on your prescription. Replace xx with the numbers on your prescription, please be sure to include any plus (+) or minus (-) signs as indicated. Additionally, we need to know the add power of the bifocal written like this: Add Power: +x.xx . For Plano power bifocals, enter 0.00 Sphere for each eye, and then the amount of power for the bifocal. The last thing we need is your Pupillary Distance. This is a measurement of the distance between your eyes and can be listed as a single number, for example: 64, or as a "split PD" such as: 32/32. Either way is acceptable. Note that PDs are required for all corrective eyewear and that we cannot process your order in our lab without it. Failure to provide a PD at the time of your order will result in your order being delayed until we receive it. **Please note that we cannot make progressive or "invisible" bifocals**
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