Aura Visual Concepts, Inc.

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AGW-250 Filter

A base lens of Blue Didymium(TM) plus your choice of a full coverage welding filter in shade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8.
From $189.95 excl tax

AGW-286 Filter

The AGW-286 is Aura's original split lens filter, featuring two different shaded filters on the same lens split the way you want.
From $214.95 excl tax

AGW-300 Filter

The AGW-300 filter from Aura is for anyone who needs high visible light transmission with full IR filtration.
From $249.95 excl tax

AGW-325 Filter

Our premier top-of-the-line split lens filter features our exclusive "clear" IR filter in combination with the shaded filter of your choice.
From $294.95 excl tax

AUR-99 Filter

AUR-99 Filter for hot/warm glassworking and metalworking
From $124.95 excl tax

Balboa Fitover for Glassworkers

Fitover frame for glassworkers
$149.95 excl tax

Blue Didymium Filter

The Blue Didymium(TM) filter is our new standard filter for soft glass torch work and torch metal crafting.
From $124.95 excl tax

C2 Goggle Package

A complete glassworker goggle package featuring the Leader C2 Goggle.
$209.95 excl tax

Cell Phone Camera Kit (Complete)

Cell Phone Camera Kit from Aura features our Blue Didymium (TM) filter so you can easily film glassworking operations
$84.95 excl tax

Classic Aviator Packages

The Classic Aviator frame with filters.
$164.95 excl tax

Classic High Bridge Packages

The Classic High Bridge frame with filters.
$164.95 excl tax

Classic Keyhole Packages

The Classic Keyhole Bridge frame with filters.
$164.95 excl tax

Classic Round Packages

The Classic Round frame with filters.
$164.95 excl tax

Fog Buster - Liquid

Fog Buster liquid spray to keep your eyewear from fogging during use.
$3.99 excl tax

Fog Buster - Towelette

Fog Buster Towelettes. Handy moist towelettes to keep your glasses from fogging up during use.
$2.99 excl tax

Gift Certificate

Gift certificates for glassworkers.
$0.00 excl tax

Replacement Sodium Flare Cellphone camera lens

Replacement lens for the Sodium Flare 3-in-1 Cellphone Camera Clip On
$44.95 excl tax

Signature 011

Signature Series 011 Frame
$64.95 excl tax

Signature 012

Signature Series 012 Frame
$64.95 excl tax

SLR/DLR Camera Filters

$84.95 excl tax