AUR-99 Filter Trade-In Program

AUR-99 Filter for hot/warm glassworking and metalworking

This lens is a soft green color and is available in shades 2.0, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8. The spectrum of this glass shows excellent ultraviolet and infrared protection. The visible light transmission is adequate for good visibility under most shop working conditions where illumination is somewhat limited.

This filter does NOT provide sodium flare protection. Suggested uses are off hand work, allowing comfortable viewing of glory holes, fire buckets, gathering, enameling, and general kiln work. This filter is also recommended for use while forge working and forge welding.

AUR-99® bifocals are supplied with Aura's exclusive "Uniform Density" feature. A wafer of AUR-99® is laminated over a thinly ground glass bifocal lens - giving you the same filtration through the bifocal as around it. No other manufacturer can make this claim. This lamination process also makes for a safer lens.

Lenses are available in plano (non-prescription), single vision, and laminated bifocals and trifocal style lenses.

Thickness Advisory: This filter is thicker than normal lenses. In non-prescription form, it is approximately 3.5 mm thick. Single vision prescription adds at least 1 mm, bifocal prescription adds at least 2 mm. 


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