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About Us

Aura Visual Concepts, Inc. is first and foremost a manufacturer of eye protection products. Our company started in the basement of Bob Aurelius' house back in the summer of 1975, with a shop-built lens grinder, polisher and curve generator. Over the years, we've expanded, contracted, expanded again, contracted again, and changed focus numerable times as the ophthalmic industry changed.

These days, we one of the glass-only optical laboratories left in the United States. We specialize in filter eyewear for a variety of purposes, from craft/industrial/scientific glassworking to medical X-Ray work to military and industrial laser protection.

All of our eyewear meet the applicable ANSI standards, Z80 for "street wear" eyewear or Z87 for safety eyewear.

Our lenses meet or exceed the standards for optical clarity, visible light transmission, and power and prism correction.